Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hindustan and Studying

Dear readers (if any),

I realised that I have not been writing for such a long time. My last post was in March 2014. That's 7 months ago. For the past 7 months, my studying life has been hectic. Got into LLB last March and since then I have been busy with chasing deadlines and meeting dues. That is the nature of what I do now. Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing but I know I have to make everything right and that my marks depend on others and others are depending on me. So, don't screw up.

Enough about my studies.

The reason for my post today is actually to show the rationale of watching Hindustan movies while studying. People have been asking me how do I study although I am no one in terms of studies or academics. I am not the smartest person in class what more in my batch. I am probably one of the lowest in my class. Anyhow, that does not matter. Regardless, people have talked to me about my study method. They asked me how did I study back at home because I am the type of person who cannot study in a group. I study alone and that's how I've been surviving law school while others are used to studying in groups.

I have found a way to study last year which has been working quite well for me. Although that did not help me in my results, at least I improved in the way I study. I understand that some might not be of the same understanding on this method but oh well, everyone has their own way. It is to be noted however, that this method has its own pros and cons and I am the victim of both.

I am the type of person where I cannot stay at a place for such a long time. I cannot stay studying for more that one hour. I am easily distracted by my surroundings. I am easily tempted by what's in front of me no matter whether I study at home or outside. I do not like to just sit for hours and study studiously. I do not like that. In fact, I cannot have myself stay any longer than 45 minutes. How do I control this then?

Nowadays, the way I study is by watching Hindustan movies. How it is done and what is the rationale?

Well, it is a known fact that hindustan/bollywood movies run for 3 hours at least. So, I switch on a movie, old ones though. I don't like the new bollywood movies. For me, they have lost touch of the true bollywood spirit. Anyhow, that does not matter now. I switch on a bollywood movie and I will start studying while the show is running. I will try my best to not get up from my seat up and until the movie has ended. Why? Because this can ensure that I am studying at least 50% of the time I'm sitting down at my study table. As I said, I am easily distracted. I cannot deny the fact that I will get distracted by the movie. I will watch the movie instead of studying. But, that does not matter. Why? This is because I cannot stand looking at my notes for more than an hour STRAIGHT. So, that's my reliever. I read, watch movie then continue reading for THREE HOURS.

Comparing this to previous years, I will not even sit for more than an hour. In that one hour, I will only read my notes for like 30 minutes. So, there's a huge different in hours of me studying.

Previously, I sit down for one hour, study for 30 minutes
Now, I sit for three hours, study for at least one hour thirty minutes.
That's an hour more than previous years.
Good, right?

Well then, that is my rationale in putting on hindustan movies while I study. But, please be careful. As a result of this, I can understand a little bit of hindustan language. So, that might happen to you too. Everyone has their own way of studying. So, figure out the best for you.


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