Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hindustan and Studying

Dear readers (if any),

I realised that I have not been writing for such a long time. My last post was in March 2014. That's 7 months ago. For the past 7 months, my studying life has been hectic. Got into LLB last March and since then I have been busy with chasing deadlines and meeting dues. That is the nature of what I do now. Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing but I know I have to make everything right and that my marks depend on others and others are depending on me. So, don't screw up.

Enough about my studies.

The reason for my post today is actually to show the rationale of watching Hindustan movies while studying. People have been asking me how do I study although I am no one in terms of studies or academics. I am not the smartest person in class what more in my batch. I am probably one of the lowest in my class. Anyhow, that does not matter. Regardless, people have talked to me about my study method. They asked me how did I study back at home because I am the type of person who cannot study in a group. I study alone and that's how I've been surviving law school while others are used to studying in groups.

I have found a way to study last year which has been working quite well for me. Although that did not help me in my results, at least I improved in the way I study. I understand that some might not be of the same understanding on this method but oh well, everyone has their own way. It is to be noted however, that this method has its own pros and cons and I am the victim of both.

I am the type of person where I cannot stay at a place for such a long time. I cannot stay studying for more that one hour. I am easily distracted by my surroundings. I am easily tempted by what's in front of me no matter whether I study at home or outside. I do not like to just sit for hours and study studiously. I do not like that. In fact, I cannot have myself stay any longer than 45 minutes. How do I control this then?

Nowadays, the way I study is by watching Hindustan movies. How it is done and what is the rationale?

Well, it is a known fact that hindustan/bollywood movies run for 3 hours at least. So, I switch on a movie, old ones though. I don't like the new bollywood movies. For me, they have lost touch of the true bollywood spirit. Anyhow, that does not matter now. I switch on a bollywood movie and I will start studying while the show is running. I will try my best to not get up from my seat up and until the movie has ended. Why? Because this can ensure that I am studying at least 50% of the time I'm sitting down at my study table. As I said, I am easily distracted. I cannot deny the fact that I will get distracted by the movie. I will watch the movie instead of studying. But, that does not matter. Why? This is because I cannot stand looking at my notes for more than an hour STRAIGHT. So, that's my reliever. I read, watch movie then continue reading for THREE HOURS.

Comparing this to previous years, I will not even sit for more than an hour. In that one hour, I will only read my notes for like 30 minutes. So, there's a huge different in hours of me studying.

Previously, I sit down for one hour, study for 30 minutes
Now, I sit for three hours, study for at least one hour thirty minutes.
That's an hour more than previous years.
Good, right?

Well then, that is my rationale in putting on hindustan movies while I study. But, please be careful. As a result of this, I can understand a little bit of hindustan language. So, that might happen to you too. Everyone has their own way of studying. So, figure out the best for you.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Travelling; Passion, Hobby or Interest?

Nowadays, people  travel more compared to before. Take for an example, in 1990s, people are not exposed to travelling that much compared to now. Not to say that people do not travel at all before but less than the numbers now.

People travel more because of one reason, travelling is easier nowadays. Although it might be more expensive than before, it is still easier than before. It is more  accessible. More flights going into more countries, more places.

More and more interesting places being discovered through time. Hidden, beautiful islands are being discovered day by day.

More blogs on travel.

If you look at the above, its basically icons of those particular states.

1. France
2. UK
3. US
4. Japan
5. UAE
6. Hong Kong

This is also MY OWN TO DO LIST.

With God's blessings, I have managed to go to 2 places in the list and one, with his will, I will be able to set my foot there too.

Travel is my passion. I love travelling.

One thing that is always holding me back, other than finance, is time. Time has always been the barrier and that it is non  negotiable.

Hope I get to be a traveller, one day.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In the Light of Love

Few months had passed
That feeling went away and I thought it'll never come back
It didn't for a while
Which made me happy thinking that I could forget about everything

The feeling really wasn't there anymore
I felt free
But was I happy?
Well, yes!

Feeling of Love never really had an impact on me
It came then it went away
Its like a crush on someone with butterflies in your stomach
It came and it went away

Few months after
Didn't know what had happened
That feeling sparked back
Where did that come from?

That thoughts wander around my mind
No idea where it came back from
No idea where it got lost

But right now it seems too late
Since you want someone - else
It hurts everytime I said 'Go get her'
It hurts everytime I had to fake a smile or a laugh

I know I have to be the bigger person
If it happens, it happens
Even the happiest couple could break up, what more two persons with no ties whatsoever
Even the people who hate the other most could end up marrying each other,
what more people who knew each other.

Its all up to The Almighty
I pass this matter to you, God.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

One Year Later

Good day,

I realised that my last post was one year ago, 27th January 2013. Here I am now, early in the morning on a Sunday suddenly feels like writing again. The feeling of writing suddenly kicks in again and I am happy that it happened. Just because I have not been writing for so long and I have been keeping all my emotions in last year to myself most of the time. I need to get it out sooner or later.

2013 has been a great year for me. In fact, I think it is the best year in my 23 years of life and I am not even kidding. Many exciting things happened and many of them were unexpected. Alot of great memories and experiences along the way. In short these were among the things that happened to me in 2013.

1. My team and I won the National Rounds at Phillip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition 2013 in Universiti Malaya in February 2013.

2. My team and I went to Washington DC to represent our university and Malaysia at the International Round of Jessup 2013.

3. I finally got to experience NEW YORK CITY! I <3 ny="" p="">
4. As soon as I got back from the US, I was then elected to be the President of UiTM Mooting Club batch 2013/2014.

5. Went travelling, I think 2013 has been the year with me most travelling.  Can't really remember where I went though but among others were Kuching, Sarawak and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

6. The Club was one of the most active clubs in the faculty. With three big events and some gatherings in between. Of course there were some ups and downs but that is normal.

7. Did my internship at Hafarizam Wan & Aisha Mubarak in Putrajaya and met with the best officemates ever! Miss them so much.

8. and finally, I GRADUATED with MY FIRST DEGREE! (Although results was out in 2014, I still consider this a part of 2013)

As said, 2013 has taught me alot about life, friendship, people, love, relationships, work, ethics, happiness, and many more. It has brought me closer to my family though most the times I was not home due to the hectic life I had in college. The best feeling is when you know that you have made both of your parents proud of your achievements, be it academics or extra-activities.

So, there you go. 2013 for me, in short.

Its 2014 now and I am fairly happy to start the new year because its a whole new experience. LLB, Here I come!

Goals for 2014

1. Kick LLB's ass!

2. Travel more (backpacking, proper or whatever types of travelling)

3. Kick LLB's ass (again!)

4. Be really successful at my final mooting competition in April.

5. Start learning how to make my own money (business or work)

6. Finally, lose some freaking weight! I am now so fat. ergh

There you go. 2014!

Lets go!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Power Comes with Responsibility

I have been following Once Upon a Time religiously and all I can say is that I love that movie. One thing I learn from the movie is that 'Magic always comes with a price'. This is similar to what I am about to write about.

Power = Magic
Price = Responsibility

If you look at those two quotes; 'Power comes with responsibility' and 'Magic always comes with a price', they both have similar meaning. Both have a very similar definitions and that both have a very similar message. RESPONSIBILITY.

If you look at the second quote, you will see that whenever you do something you will be accountable for it. When you decide to act, the implications you have to bear. Same goes with the first quote where power is an act and upon acting you are accountable for your actions. You are entitled to decide whether or not to act and you are entitled to act accordingly and having done that you are responsible for your actions. Similar, isn't it?

Everyone wants power. Everyone wants magic. But not everyone is willing to bear the consequences or the duties behind them. They are not willing to be accountable for their actions. We will come across these kind of people in our lives and sometimes, we are one.

The thing about power and magic is that they are everyone's desire. Everyone wants to be in power and if possible have magic. That is a fact. No one would reject being in power unless he is someone who does not give a damn about living. But, before taking in the power, ask yourself are you willing to be responsible for all actions? and are you willing to carry extra work or burdens than everyone else? If you are not, then please, your time is not now. Maybe later.

Just one simple question before accepting the power

are you willing to be responsible and be accountable for all actions and doing more work than everyone else?

However, if you have answered 'No' to the question above, you must make sure that you really are unable to do it. If you are scared, there is in fact a reason for you to just try it out because you will never know your capability is because being scared and not prepared are two different stories. If you are scared, break that and try it. You'll never know. Maybe you will do great at it. But, if you think you are not prepared then get yourself prepared to be someone with power and is willing to carry those responsibilities.

p/s: I have no idea what I am blabbering about.


Saturday, January 26, 2013


The funny thing about life is sometimes you have faith that everything will turn out well but it turned out to be otherwise and sometimes the wrong thing isn't really your fault and that you have tried all your best to get the end result done. It is frustrating when your hard work turned into rubbish at the end.

Well, I cannot really say that it is rubbish but I am disappointed by the end result. I really thought everything has turned out well but truth is, it is not. It is more disappointing when it is not something that you do but carelessness of some people. It really was not a big task. 

I consider myself to be very detailed. I check everything very detailed. Almost all assignments for class, I will be the last person who checked and submit the end result. So far, nothing has been done wrong, formatting at least. This is because I made sure that everything is in order and nothing extraordinary is present in the assignment. However, I have let this go TWICE and guess what...both of the times something just went really really wrong! 

It is disappointing especially when you know that you could have done that and if you did then nothing would go wrong but when you have given faith to another and something like this happen. I honestly have no idea how to nicely put what I feel into words right now. 

At the time I saw the end result, I felt like crying. I really was about to cry. But, taking into considerations the surroundings at the time, I kept myself cool. I was trying hard not to drop a tear. I am sure that this error will haunt me for a long time till I get over it. 

It is just disappointing!
I am disappointed.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Do You Really Feel Happy

Today, as I drove my car to get my brother from school I suddenly have some thought about something and one major question came to my mind


and then I realised that I don't think I am happy right now.
I may be laughing around and being happy but the truth is
I don't think I feel happy right now.

I don't think I am happy right now.
Why is that?
What is that?
I have family who loves me to death
I have friends who care
I have friends who can make me laugh
I have friends who know what to say at the right time

So, why am I not happy?
This is some serious question to be answered.

For You

2013, the year full of hopes
New hopes, new dreams, new goals
Honestly, I have nothing new
I didn't have new hopes
I didn't have new dreams
Nor did I have new goals.

I am just me
The one who don't talk much
The awkward one
The one who cared too much
When you...

Its been long since I first cared
Its been years since I first cared
But of course, who am I for you to even notice

It happened many times
...and I feel like I am used to it
But sometimes my self-esteem just crushed bit-by-bit
Because you left me hanging to think 'Did I do something wrong?'
'Did I say something wrong?' 'Why did everyone do this to me?'
'Am I annoying?'

All sort of questions come to mind
You might not see it, people might not see it
My friends might not see it
My close friends might not see it
But, I know. I know my insecurities.

It just hurts
When you tried so hard
When you tried to help
When you tried to care
But, people just don't notice

It hurts when I tried
It hurts when I did
It hurts when you didn't even try
Try to say 'Thank you'

It hurts the most when I care but you don't
Don't even reply.


Friday, October 19, 2012

To The Owner of Honda Accord Living at SS7 Condo

I apologize for the sudden-brake

I apologize for the sudden-brake

I apologize for thinking that you are a road bully

I apologize for thinking so negatively about you

I apologize

I then realised that you did all that to let me know that my headlights were not ON!

again.. I apologize!

(I really do hope this message gets to you)

The owner of the White Saga

Sunday, September 30, 2012


For years I've been living
Never have I ever had felt
Felt like I'm flying across
Across the sky, smiling

From short to long
I thought it was enough
From rough to soft
I thought it was enough

I'm passing by one-to-one
I'm standing side-by-side
I'm smiling softly, with hope
That I am noticed

The leader, I am
The friend, I am
The listener, I am
The lover, I am not

Questions keep bugging my mind
What is there that is left?
My physique?
or they are intimidated?

p/s: I am currently emotionally unstable. Don't mind all these~